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Principal: Vance M. Benton
Athletic Director: Damon Bomar
Mascot: Clipper Ship

Patterson High School is a neighborhood high school with approximately 1,100 students, grades nine through twelve. Each academy has an academy principal (assistant principal), a counselor, and dedicated teachers. These academies operate as small schools within one building. All first time ninth graders are housed in the Success Academy. The students are scheduled with block scheduling to assist with the transition from middle to high school. During the spring of their ninth grade year, students select the academy they will attend for the remainder of their high school career. There are four career academies that service ninth grade repeaters, tenth, eleventh, and twelfth graders. Each academy has Career Technology Education Programs (CTE) and Career Pathways (CP). In addition to taking courses in their chosen career study, students must take courses that meet Maryland State Graduation and University of Maryland Systems requirements. Patterson has a diverse student population which includes 33 Native Americans, 16 Asians, 1112 African Americans, 223 Caucasians, and 156 Latinos. There are 165 students in the English as a second language program, with 33 countries represented and 20 languages spoken. The graduates of Patterson High School will be empowered to make the choice of attending college or entering the work force with the prerequisite skills necessary for success.

Patterson High School is located at 100 Kane St. Baltimore, MD 21224. CLICK HERE for directions.

Patterson High School

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