Patterson Basketball in the Community

The Patterson basketball team on October 24 volunteered at an event at Lake Clifton’s Real Food Farm to promote healthy eating and sustainable practices to several youth groups in the city.

The team helped set up at the event, distribute box lunches and demonstrate yoga with our school’s HealthCorps coordinator.

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Generous grant helps Patterson basketball take the next step

Patterson basketball was honored this summer to receive a grant from the Bob and Renee Parsons Foundation. The money helped us buy a new shooting machine, SAT prep material, nutritional items and much more that will help take Patterson basketball to the next level.

Shoot-A-Way 8000 Series

Bob Parsons, the founder of, is a Patterson alumnus whose upbringing in Baltimore City reflects that of many of our students and athletes. His foundation’s generous grant will help us develop better students and athletes so that they can continue their education and hopefully their basketball careers in college.

Patterson purchased the Shoot-A-Way 8000 Series, a top-of-the-line shooting machine that allows our players to work out efficiently and productively. We also purchased College Board SAT practice books from which our players work during offseason and in-season study halls.

We also recognized our players’ need for better nutritional habits. With the grant, we’ve purchased healthy lunch items that our players can eat at no cost to them.

Patterson basketball would like to thank the Bob and Renee Parsons foundation for its generous grant, which helps us go a long way to becoming the model program in Baltimore City.